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Seafire is for sale


For years, we thought we’d never sell Seafire.  Then the little changes that come with getting older started us thinking that maybe, someday, she’d be too much boat for us.  The kids would go off to college, we’d no longer need all the space, maybe one of us would no longer be physically fit enough to fill the role of captain or first mate.  Then we started realizing that there were some other things in life besides sailing (could it be?), along with small boat envy: those kayaks started looking mighty fine.  The past two years have seen us come to the inescapable conclusion that we really _don’t_ need a boat that’s capable of blue-water cruising, that the kids might still be at home but they’re off exploring the sorts of things that a kid can’t do on a boat in the tropics and that maybe those kayaks would be a lot of fun and with kayaks we wouldn’t feel guilty if we didn’t go out on the water every single weekend that the weather was reasonable.

So pictures were chosen, ad copy was written, more content was collected… and here’s our website.

The pages to the right — Ad, Boat’s History, Condition, Equipment and Paper Charts — contain all the information about the boat.  Feel free to call or email us (contact info is in the Ad page) if you have further questions.